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Joe Biden

Most recent polls have shown Joe Biden scrapping with Elizabeth Warren for third place. He’ll hold an election night event in Nashua.

Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg greet voters in Manchester, Nashua and Bedford, before the campaign returns to Nashua for its election night party.

Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar reached third place in a New Hampshire poll yesterday. She will host her election night party in Concord.

Bernie Sanders

A CNN poll showed Bernie Sanders with a comfortable lead over Pete Buttigieg in New Hampshire. He’ll attend a night-time rally in Manchester after the polls close.

Elizabeth Warren

Most polls show Elizabeth Warren in third or even fourth in New Hampshire. She’ll visit a handful of polling locations during voting hours before gathering supporters for an election night event in Manchester.

Joe Biden

Biden hasn’t so much telegraphed his expectations for New Hampshire as he’s shouted them into a megaphone, even saying on the debate state last Friday, “I took a hit in Iowa, and I’ll probably take a hit here.” Most recent polls have shown Biden scrapping with Warren for third place — but Klobuchar’s rise in some surveys since the debate could mean fifth place is a possibility.

As a result, Biden’s campaign has sought to shine attention on the states coming up next in the primary, particularly South Carolina, where strong support from black voters has kept Biden in the lead there throughout most of the primary.

But first, Biden will hold an election night event in Nashua Tuesday night, hoping for a little jolt to help him on his way through the primary calendar.

-Scott Bland

Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg is hoping to repeat the same surprise finish in Iowa, where he currently leads the delegate count by a razor-thin margin amid a recanvass of last Monday’s votes. The former South Bend, Ind., mayor has come a long way in the 2020 campaign, from an unknown upstart last spring to a serious contender in the first two early states.

But Buttigieg has a lot riding on the results Tuesday night, because the Democratic primary is about to move into states where he has — so far — shown no ability to break in, partly because voters of color have not warmed to him. Nevada, the next state on the calendar, has large numbers of Latino and black voters, while South Carolina’s Democratic primaries are majority-black.

Buttigieg closed out his 8-day sprint across New Hampshire the same way he did in Iowa: blanketing the TV airwaves with interviews and churning through as many town halls as possible. He drew multiple thousand-person crowds, but he’s still running behind Sanders in polling.

Buttigieg will start Tuesday by taking a run, the same way he starts the morning on most big political days. Soon after, he’ll greet voters in Manchester, Nashua and Bedford, before the campaign returns to Nashua for its election night party, where the former mayor is expected to speak at some point.

Elena Schneider

Amy Klobuchar

Klobuchar had her best day of the 2020 primary on Monday, reaching third place in a Boston Globe/WBZ-TV/Suffolk University poll of New Hampshire.

She’ll find out tonight if she can make it stick.

Klobuchar might even claim victory with a fourth-place finish in New Hampshire after finishing fifth in Iowa. But a third-place result could entirely alter the trajectory of her campaign — and deal a blow to Biden and Warren if they end up behind her.

Klobuchar will host an election night party in Concord. Then it’s on to Nevada, where she will scramble to assemble an organization to compete with candidates who have been tilling the soil in that state for months.

David Siders

Bernie Sanders

Sanders rolled into primary day with a rollicking get-out-the-vote concert Monday night featuring Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and The Strokes in Durham — a split-screen moment as President Donald Trump rallied his supporters 45 minutes away in Manchester. According to Sanders’ campaign, 7,500 people turned out to the event.

Expectations in the state are high for Sanders for multiple reasons: He defeated Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by 22 percentage points in 2016. He’s first in the state’s polls. He’s from the state next door.

But New Hampshire voters are known for making up their minds at the last minute, and Sanders’ moderate rival Pete Buttigieg has surged in New Hampshire polls since the Iowa caucuses. Sanders’ campaign has kept its eye on Buttigieg’s rise, and the Vermont senator has criticized the ex-mayor over his billionaire donors in recent days. Sanders’ team got good news on that front Monday: A CNN poll showed Sanders with a comfortable lead over Buttigieg in New Hampshire.

Sanders only has one event on his schedule Tuesday: a night-time rally in Manchester after the polls close.

-Holly Otterbein

Elizabeth Warren

Warren’s team is hoping for a surprise on Tuesday. Like in Iowa, her get-out-the-vote team is considered top-notch, Warren had heaps of supporters coming in from Massachusetts over the weekend to help knock doors, and she is a known quantity in next-door New Hamsphire in ways that most of her competitors are not, save Bernie Sanders.

But most polls show Warren in third or even fourth in New Hampshire after her third-place showing in Iowa. Even her close allies like the Progressive Change Campaign Committee have begun trying to talk up her prospects in Nevada and South Carolina despite Warren investing far less time, money, and staff in those states than in neighboring New Hampshire.

Yet Warren’s campaign has made only superficial tweaks to her messaging and stump speech. And Warren poked fun at questions from reporters Monday about her poll numbers and path forward: “I get questions about process and what do I do? I talk about policy,” she said with a knowing grin. Pressed on the polls, she noted that she had defied expectations before when many prognosticators thought her campaign was dead last spring.

“I think the prediction business right now is not something I’d be investing heavily in,” Warren continued.

Warren will visit a handful of polling locations around New Hampshire during voting hours on Tuesday, before gathering supporters for an election night event at the Executive Health and Sports Center in Manchester.

-Alex Thompson

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