News Cameraman Fired After Posting Meme Critical of Ilhan Omar Is Now Suing

A former cameraman for a New York City TV station who was fired for alleged racism and Islamophobia is fighting back, according to a new report.

Ken Evseroff, 52, has filed suit against WPIX, according to the New York Post.

“I feel heartbroken and morally and professionally violated,” Evseroff told the newspaper.

Evseroff was fired in the fall of 2019 after he shared a meme on Facebook concerning Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar and her comment that “some people did something” in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attack that damaged the Pentagon and brought down New York City’s World Trade Center.

The meme used the words  “‘Never Forget’ – You said” over a picture of the burning World Trade Center. It also included an image of Omar with the words  “I am the proof – You have forgotten.”

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After being alerted to the post by a co-worker of Evseroff, the station booted him.

The station ruled that the post violated its social media policy, saying it damaged Tribune Media, which owns WPIX, because it could be “perceived” as racist.

Has the media totally caved to liberals?

Evseroff insisted he expressed no opinion, but was only sharing a news story.

“I love my job. I am good at my job. I love telling stories to change lives. I was honest, upfront, and open as sharing the meme as a news story. I told the truth and when they didn’t like my truth they invented their own,” Evseroff said.

The lawsuit against WPIX claims that although WPIX axed Evseroff for sharing a post “on his own time, from his own computer, and from his own home,” WPIX took no action against a Hispanic reporter who, in a tweet, “threatened violence against President Trump,” according to the Post.

The actions show “clear disparity,” Evseroff’s attorney, Andrew Laufer, told the newspaper.

He said Evseroff was never given a copy of the social media policy used against him, and that there was “no basis” for bias complaints against Evseroff.

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However, the Post’s report noted that Evseroff had run afoul of reporter Narmeen Choudhury, a Muslim Bangladeshi-American who had complained about Evseroff in October 2018.

She claimed he made “rude, racist and/or sexist comments.” The Post reported that she accused Evseroff of making “rude remarks” about “black people and poor people.”

Evseroff denied the allegations.

“I never said anything racist or sexist to [Choudhury] or online,” he said.

Choudhury claimed Evseroff was making a video game targeting Muslims and people in the financial sector, in which her husband works. He denied the allegations.

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