Not yet voters, teens of color strike for change

NEW YORK– On a rainy Monday, students hustled into a large building in Manhattan containing two different public high schools.

Amid the hoods and umbrellas, a couple of earnest students stood near the door, waving fliers. 

“You guys wanna strike today?” they asked.

As part of Teens Take Charge, the students with the fliers were carrying out a campaign they’ve honed this academic year: organizing students to walk out in protest of segregated classrooms and unequal learning conditions in New York’s public schools.

More integrated classes are possible, the student activists say, if adults in charge would take major policy steps to address the problem. 

As the nation’s largest district wrestles with how to better racially and economically integrate its schools, the loudest calls for change are coming from students – young, racially diverse, digitally savvy, passionate about multiple issues, but not yet able to vote.

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