Obama Uses Presidents Day To Take Credit for Trump Economy, Draws Fierce Backlash

This might work if the country had been in a coma.

Former President Barack Obama celebrated Presidents Day on Monday with a Twitter post that just about perfectly captured the obscenely high opinion of himself the 44th president has always shown.

But his attempt to claim credit for the booming economy during President Donald Trump’s three years in office sparked a social media backlash that showed many Americans were all too awake during the abysmal eight years of Obama in the Oval Office.

Obama kicked off festivities with a typically vainglorious post, essentially bragging this it was his actions as president that have led to the current boom the country is enjoying.

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It’s hard to take it seriously, but it does bring back a certain nostalgia.

Does anyone remember when companies like Solyndra were supposed to lead the way for a new, greener American economy?

It might have made a good photo op when the then-president toured the solar panel manufacturer in May 2010, but a half-billion dollars in taxpayer-backed loan guarantees didn’t look like such a good investment when the company went belly up a little more than a year later. (Newsmax has a useful breakdown of the scandal.)

How about when Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden declared that the summer of 2010 would be known as “recovery summer” thanks to the misguided belief that economic recovery depended on government largesse, and a ludicrously poorly thought-out nearly $1 trillion “stimulus” plan that didn’t stimulate much.

The fact that in the years that followed the economy continued its malaise never shook the insistence of the Democrats and the mainstream media that Obama’s policies were working. Some of the adoring responses to Obama’s hogwash on Twitter Monday prove that. The Democrats’ ability to delude themselves is a wonder to behold.

But a whole lot of social media users haven’t forgotten the Obama years – and some of the backlash was brutal.

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In the Trump economy, unemployment of minorities is at or near historic lows. The groups that Democrats claim to care about are doing remarkably well under an administration that’s supposed to be “racist.”

Americans of a certain age – say 22 – should be able to remember when Obama’s regulations were deliberately strangling the world’s most powerful economy. Meanwhile, the man in the White House was giving Americans hopeful messages like: The jobs aren’t coming back.

Obama, of course, can express any opinion of his own performance he chooses. It’s still a free country after all, no matter how hard Obama and his hideous collaborators Nancy Pelosi in the House and Harry Reid in the Senate tried to change that.

Are you better off now than you were when Obama was president?

Liberals can play games with statistics as much as they want, but the proof is in the election pudding.

Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 knew exactly what was happening to their country, and knew that a Hillary Clinton presidency would only continue the downward spiral. (And let’s skip the “popular vote” nonsense. Getting 3 million brain-fogged liberals to vote for a Democrat in New York and California isn’t exactly a mandate for responsible government. Just the opposite, actually.)

Since Trump has been in office, the stock markets are setting records, unemployment is down and the United States is respected abroad.

Americans are optimistic again, too. Obama should have a rough time claiming credit for that, three years out of office.

How about this one from an erstwhile Obama supporter?

Those who are young enough to remember the Obama years as coinciding with the onset of puberty might be fooled by the former president’s confidence4, the media’s non-stop adoration, and the constant stream of lies from the Democratic Party.

But Americans who are more awake than “woke” know otherwise. Trump woke up the American economy in a way a statist like Obama and his followers could never dream of.

And unfortunately for Obama, the country is not entirely in a coma.

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