Opinion | Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Claim Against Joe Biden

To the Editor:

Re “Biden Denies Tara Reade’s Assault Allegation” (nytimes.com, May 1):

It is beyond belief that, as we stand on the brink of economic, moral and reputational collapse as a nation and the most consequential election in our history, anyone should see fit to air a past grievance — real, embellished or false — that would imperil Joe Biden’s candidacy. This is a species of vainglorious righteousness run amok, and does no honor to the principles the #MeToo movement has embraced.

Have we taken no measure of the “carnage,” metaphorical or real, of the Trump presidency as well as the sexual predations of the man? No circling firing squads, please. This is the moment to stand united for the greater good of the nation.

Mirella Servodidio
New York

To the Editor:

As a female clinical psychologist with 40 years of experience, I can tell you that while it’s true that women who accuse men of sexual harassment should be given the benefit of the doubt, these women don’t always tell the truth. I never knew of a man who committed a sexual assault only once. It would be a pattern of behavior, repeated over time.

Joe Biden has a long history of public service. If he had been committing these kinds of behaviors there would be a trail of complaints, as there is around President Trump. There really are some men who tell the truth and do not commit crimes against women, and they also deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Susan S. Sigalow
Hilton Head, S.C.

To the Editor:

Can the Democratic Party have a “do over”? Joe Biden’s nomination is not a given. Mr. Biden’s nomination is a risk the party cannot afford, given the prospect of the trash talking about Hunter Biden and the allegation of sexual assault. Simply being “Not Trump” is not enough.

The Times had it right with the dual endorsements of Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren. The Democratic Party has two opportunities to get this right; prevail on Mr. Biden to withdraw, or address this at the convention.

Lee Paul
St. Charles, Mo.

To the Editor:

As we move into debate season, perhaps President Trump and Joe Biden can debate about their personal and professional histories, attitudes and behaviors toward women, and actions regarding women’s rights.

For those of you who have been all-in to the #MeToo Movement but are now having trouble supporting Mr. Biden in light of Tara Reade’s allegation of sexual assault (which Mr. Biden denies), can you handle being a hypocrite if it means getting Mr. Trump out of the White House? I say, yes, I am happy to be a hypocrite. Please join me.

Margaret Levy
Huntingdon Valley, Pa.

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