Ray Kelly: Bill de Blasio has eviscerated the NY police dept

Ray Kelly slams Mayor Bill de Blasio: He eviscerated the NYPD
(via Fox News)

“New York was the safest big city in America for several decades, a lot of hard work done by a lot of people,” Former New Your City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told host Sean Hannity on Fox News on Tuesday. “I lay the problems of New York City solely at the feet of [Mayor] Bill de Blasio. He has eviscerated the police department.”

“One of the most important, significant things [de Blasio] did was to eliminate the anti-crime units throughout the city — they are the real crime fighters,” continued Kelly.

“[They were] the ones who have been able to address the violent crime for several decades in New York City. That unit is gone. The police are demoralized, retirements are at record levels, and the future is quite frankly very bleak in New York, certainly for the next 18 months under this administration.”

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