Rep. Doug Collins: Dems’ Impeachment Report is The ‘Best Fictional Account’

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins (R-GA) called the Democrats’ impeachment charges against President Donald Trump “vague.” Democrats charged Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of congress, which the House Rules Committee is discussing Tuesday ahead of an expected full House vote Wednesday.

“It’s pretty interesting if you read the report from the majority there’s a lot of discussion about crimes, but they couldn’t find it in themselves to charge one. Again, common sense. Articles and when you think about impeachment you’re thinking about impeaching a president in particular for crimes,” Collins said.

“This majority has tried so hard to be like Clinton and Nixon and failed so miserably, but every time we try we try once again, except the one thing when it came down to the very end the one thing they couldn’t do was actually find a crime. They talk about it a bunch. If you read the majority’s report, it is well-written. It is some of the best work you’ll see, frankly, in some ways of fictional accounts of what this actually is, but it actually talks it. That the problem here is about a majority bent on finding something,” he continued.

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