Rep. Louie Gohmert Threatened With Physical Removal From Hearing For Disrupting Witnesses

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) would not stop banging on his desk during witness testimony into Barr’s corrupt DOJ actions, so he was threatened with physical removal from the hearing.

As witness Robert Ayer tried to deliver his opening statement, Gohmert would not stop banging on a table:

Rep. Gohmert tried to claim that there was no rule about when he could make noise, but he quieted down when threatened with the Sergeant At Arms.

The Republican strategy for this hearing is to disrupt, distract, and deflect.

Witness Aaron Zelinsky has testified that the Acting US Attorney gave Roger Stone special treatment because he was afraid of Donald Trump:

The hearing has been a disaster for Trump and his party, as it is painting a picture of a DOJ under Bill Barr that is being used for political purposes and is making decisions with political considerations in mind.

William Barr has corrupted the Department of Justice, and if there were any point to it, he would in normal circumstances be impeached, but with a Republican-controlled Senate that ignores facts and evidence holding any potential Barr trial, impeachment would be pointless.

The DOJ has been turned into an arm of the Trump political operation by Attorney General Barr.

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