Sarah Sanders Will Be More “Respectful” Next Time She Mocks Joe Biden’s Stutter

Sarah Huckabee Sanders stepped down from her job as White House press secretary in July, and while she has presumably spent her free time in Arkansas terrorizing small children and stopping by local newspapers to browbeat reporters, the opportunities to bully people have obviously been fewer and farther between than when she was in Washington. So when a chance arose last night during the Democratic debate, she wasn’t going to let it pass her by.

As Joe Biden spoke about his interaction with a young man who struggled with a stutter—as the vice president famously has himself—Sanders, a mother of three and alleged human being, tweeted: “I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I hhhave absolutely no idea what Biden is talking about,” which was obviously meant to mock the way people who stutter sometimes speak. Not surprisingly, she was quickly called out for the tweet, at which point she started lying like it was a regular day at the White House, writing, “To be clear was not trying to make fun of anyone with a speech impediment. Simply pointing out I can’t follow much of anything Biden is talking about.” At that point the former V.P.’s team responded:

Sanders subsequently deleted her original tweets and offered a not-very-believable apology, pledging to be more respectful in the future when critiquing someone for a story about helping a child cope with a speech impediment:

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