Sean Hannity’s "Conservative Victory"

Sean Hannity delivers another explosive book about the dangers of liberalism and the need of Conservative Victory. He goes into great detail about the danger Obama’s friends, programs and relationships pose for those who believe in freedom and smaller government.

His first chapter goes into Obama’s history and how he was raised. He was raised up by his mother and Grandparents who had many Marxist views. These views shaped him into what he is today and prepared him for his life in liberal politics.

Sean goes into great detail about the radical friends and associations that he either had or has now during his political career. The book goes into great detail about how these friends have influenced his behavior as a Senator and President of the United States.

Sean also goes into detail about his socialist views and policies. These policies have made the country weaker and emboldened our enemies as time progresses. These policies have failed the American People as they have made him and his friends richer. These funds are carried on the backs of the American Tax payer and the future tax payers not yet with us.

His appeasement mentality has exposed him for who is really is. President Obama is a coward who would trie to appease those who hate us while shunning those who would ally with us. This has made for a weak America and dangerous world.

Sean also expresses his views as a “Reagan Conservative.” It shows up throughout the book and he devotes an entire chapter in the book. He believes this type of conservatism which entails a smaller government, more freedoms and individual responsibility will bring this country back to its prosperous ways. He also goes into detail about a new “Contract with America” that would hold those in office accountable to the people they represent. It would also reduce the influence the government would have in the lives of the American people.

Sean Hannity goes into great detail about how the Republican party had lost its way. The result was the loss of the majorities that they carried in both houses of Congress. It goes into detail on what the Republicans must do to win the heart of the conservative base and to take back the House and Senate.

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