Sen. Judiciary Committee Picks Rod Rosenstein As First Witness In Russia Probe Hearings


Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham announced Wednesday that the committee will hear from its first witness, former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, to begin a series of hearings on the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance abuse investigation.

“Mr. Rosenstein will testify about the new revelations contained in the Horowitz report concerning the FISA warrant applications and other matters,” Graham said in his statement.

He added, “This will be the first in a series of oversight hearings regarding all things Crossfire Hurricane and the Mueller investigation.”

President Trump pressured Graham to act on the abuses of power revealed in documents declassified by the acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell that spelled out a number of former Obama administration officials who ‘unmasked’ Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s identity in order to set him up to target Trump.

That pressure led Graham to move quickly by releasing a potential list of witnesses, which the committee would debate and vote on subpoena authorizations. He also said the hearings would start next month.

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