Senate Confirms 200th Trump Judge, Filling All Vacancies On The Circuit Courts

The Senate on Wednesday confirmed President Donald Trump’s 200th judge appointee, successfully filling all the vacant appeals court seats.

McConnell: “A Victory For The Rule Of Law”

Judge Cory T. Wilson was confirmed for a seat on a New Orleans-based circuit court. Wilson is the 53rd Trump appointee to serve in a federal appeals court, with the President having now appointed 200 judges across the country in total, including two Supreme Court judges (Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch).

“This will be a historic moment for this body and for the administration,” Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi said. “The seat we are voting to fill is actually the last remaining circuit court vacancy at this time, reflecting the remarkable progress we have made in rebuilding the federal judiciary.”

This is an incredible achivement, something that Senator Mitch McConnell noted.

“Following Number 200, when we depart this chamber today, there will not be a single circuit court vacancy anywhere in the nation for the first time in at least 40 years,” McConnell said. “It’s a victory for the rule of law and for the Constitution itself.”

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Yet Another Conservative Judge Confirmed!

This is not the only incredible statistic from the case. In fact, with Judge Wilson confirmed by the Senate, President Trump has now appointed the most judges in his first term since Jimmy Carter. The record for most appointed in total is still held by Ronald Reagan however, who managed a whopping 402 during his 8 years in office, followed by Bill Clinton with 387.

Every conservative should be celebrating this as a serious victory. If, God forbid, President Trump loses the election this year to Biden, he’ll still have a long-lasting legacy with these judges. They could stay in office for decades to come, shaping policy and the direction of the American people for the next couple generations at least. But, there is always more to do! Let’s hope this is not a decent consolation prize for November!

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