Server ‘Froze Like a Statue’ After Seeing $1,000 Tip Left on To-Go Order

With many food service jobs currently in jeopardy, people who have the means are being encouraged to do their part to help out. Some restaurants have been forced to shut their doors completely, but others are moving to take-out or delivery in an attempt to stay open.

Food has been on the minds of many Americans lately, as any trip to the local grocery store right now will tell you. Sure, toilet paper is a hot commodity, but people are also stocking up on canned and dried goods, as well as fresh food and meat.

Meals are looking a little different with so many people working from home, but many are still eager to patronize local restaurants for their breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

One such gentleman in Scottsdale, Arizona, was about to get his breakfast fix as well as bless his server when he pulled up to the restaurant Eggstasy on Tuesday.

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Server Raymond Shepherd had taken the order and told KSAZ-TV in Phoenix that the customer was a regular and that nothing seemed particularly different about this purchase — until Shepherd glanced at the check.

The man’s meal had come out to about $70, but it was the tip amount that took up more real estate on the receipt: $1,000.

“Thank you from Georgia and Hattie Grace!” was written across the slip of paper — Georgia and Hattie Grace were the customer’s daughters.

In speaking to KSAZ, Shepherd said the man was in and out quickly.

“And then he kind of like, was writing behind the bag, we have a to-go bag that’s right in front of him, and he’s kind of writing his check,” the server explained. “Honestly, he tried to get out of here pretty quick.”

“I froze like a statue when I was like walking,” he said. “I picked up the check and I’m walking and I was just like … I look at it and I’m like, ‘How many zeros?’ And I look up and he’s driving away and he looks at me for just a second.”

Shepherd is incredibly grateful for the generous gift, especially during such an uncertain time.

“With my other job being closed, this is perfect, perfect timing,” Shepherd said. “So, does it go in the nest egg or does it go into my checking account to, you know, help stay afloat?”

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“This just happened‼️” Eggstasy shared on March 17, posting a photo of the check to its Facebook page.

When the customer comes back in, as regulars are wont to do, Shepherd knows exactly what he’s going to do: “First of all, I’d love to buy his breakfast, that is what I’ll be doing.”

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