Should I warn her what her boyfriend is planning?

DEAR AMY: I am divorced from my ex-husband, “Barry,” but he and I remain friends. He is very open with me.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune) 

He has been dating a nice woman for about a year now. She has some serious health issues, which I can sympathize with because I also have serious health issues.

Barry has been complaining about his girlfriend and the problems she has. He makes remarks about finding “a healthy woman.” He told me that a woman he has had a “crush” on for several years has asked him out.

Barry says he is planning on “hanging out” with his crush.

I’m angry that he would even consider doing this! His girlfriend deserves so much better. I think his girlfriend should be made aware of this, but I’m torn. She is preparing to have major surgery soon. The last thing she needs is a boyfriend that is not there for her and who is out with someone else.

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