Somber moments: Adam Schiff celebrated impeachment at a high-end D.C. steak house

Adam Schiff (Image: YouTube screen grab)

You can tell how painful it has been for Democrats to do their solemn duty and exercise their “sole power of impeachment” on President Donald Trump. In preparation for yesterday’s impeachment vote, Nancy Pelosi (who prays regularly for Trump!) eschewed her suffragette-white pantsuit in favor of a funereal-black dress. When asked how she felt as she walked the final thirteen steps to the House floor, “sad” was all she could say, according to CNN.

But let’s not forget Rep. Adam Schiff — poor Adam Schiff — who as chief architect of the sham impeachment has borne much of the weighty emotional burden on his narrow shoulders. How, one has to wonder, has he kept from bursting into paroxysmic sobs in the days leading up to last night’s vote.

Well on Tuesday, he buried his sorrows in a two-inch-thick porterhouse at one of Washington’s most expensive restaurants.

Schiff wasn’t the only Democrat in a celebratory mood. After Pelosi announced that the second article had passed, she found herself having to shush her fellow Democrats, who began to cheer.

But, the Daily Mail reports, she “couldn’t stop the infectious feeling of victory among Democrats as Squad member Rep. Rashida Tliab [sic] was seen grinning ear to ear after the vote.”

And if the truth be told, the prayerful Pelosi herself had to suppress a smile as she announced that article one had been adopted. As she consigned Trump to the history books as the third president in modern time to be impeached — albeit the only one to be impeached purely along party lines and for no identifiable crime or misdemeanor — the corners of her mouth turned up ever so slightly.

Nancy Pelosi (Image: Twitter screen grab)

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