SUCCESS INSIDER: 11 recession-proof consulting firms hiring for 6-figure jobs right now


You can still land a six-figure consulting job during the pandemic.

We compiled a list of the leading consultancies that are hiring right now. Here’s how you can land a job at one of these 11 consulting firms that are still looking for talent.

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This week we have info on the next stimulus plan, the pitch deck a Facebook’s former CIO used to secure nearly $5 million in funding, and tips for entrepreneurs who missed out on federal loans.

Federal relief loans for small businesses just dried up. Here’s what to do if you need $1 million or more to stay afloat.

female entrepreneur making phone callGetty Images

The federal relief programs for small businesses ran out of money last week, but the Federal Reserve has backed another option for entrepreneurs who need $1 million or more to stay afloat. These loans aren’t forgivable, but payments and interest are deferred for the first year.

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DJ ZoomANGI’s Homeservices

Making sure employees have access to private networks and laptops is only part of the challenge in pivoting to remote work. Companies are also taking unique steps to push internal culture in the virtual world. The owner of Angie’s List, for example, uses a live Zoom DJ to recreate the high-energy environment that was present in its offices. We talked to the online marketplace’s CIO and COO to learn more.

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If you missed out on federal loans, the IRS will allow your business to defer taxes and get tax credits. An accountant explains how to know if you’re eligible.

small business owner restaurantClarkandCompany/Getty

While we wait for Congress to fund another relief bill, the IRS has two tax provisions to help small businesses that missed out on the federal stimulus loans. An accountant explains how to know if you’re eligible.

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Woven cofounders Tim Campos Burc ArpatWoven

Facebook’s former CIO raised $4.8 million for his calendar app startup — by asking VCs to talk him out of the idea. It helped that he had a compelling pitch deck, too. Business Insider shared the 13 slides that Tim Campos and his cofounder Burc Arpat used to convince investors at Battery Ventures to back Woven.

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Freelance writers, designers, and marketers reveal how much they charge clients for their services — and the strategies they use to set their rates without being underpaid

Latasha James, a social media marketer in Michigan.Latasha James

Setting rates as a freelancer is tricky. Shoot too high and clients might not want your services; shoot too low and you might not be able to pay the bills. Here’s how a handful of successful ones across industries have struck a balance.

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The next stimulus plan could include more checks for Americans. Here’s what else DC power players want to cram into the bill — and who would benefit most.

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell elbow bumpAP Photo/Susan Walsh

Weeks after Congress passed a $2.2 trillion stimulus package, another one might be on the way — and it could put more money in American bank accounts. Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are eyeing to give essential workers more relief, while President Trump is gunning for an infrastructure overhaul. Business Insider broke down what the next stimulus package will mean for you. 

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