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There’s only one story this Sunday morning, just as there’ll be only one story for the next dozen or so Sundays at the very least. But that story has so many different threads to it, with so many different notable guests, that I need to organize this post differently from the usual Sunday preview. Instead of going guest by guest, let’s go subplot by subplot.

1. How much more will the feds need to do fiscally to relieve hurting Americans from the coronavirus depression? Nancy Pelosi (“State of the Union”), Larry Kudlow (“This Week”), and Steve Mnuchin (“Face the Nation” and “Fox News Sunday”) will discuss.

2. What’s the state of preparations for a surge in cases in hot spots or soon-to-be hot spots? Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (“This Week” and “Meet the Press”), Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (“Meet the Press” and “State of the Union”), Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (“State of the Union”), and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (“Fox News Sunday”) will weigh in. So will NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio (“State of the Union”), whose slow-footed, tone-deaf response to the crisis is widely acknowledged as the single worst performance by a public official thus far, with the possible exception of Trump himself.

3. Are governors finding it harder to get aid from the White House if they’ve failed to show sufficient “appreciation” for Trump’s task force? Whitmer and Inslee, the two most common targets of Trump’s grumbling recent, will be asked.

4. How long before some parts of the country will be open for business? Various medical heavy-hitters will sound off, including Anthony Fauci (“State of the Union”), Deborah Birx (“Meet the Press”), Scott Gottlieb (“Face the Nation”), former top Trump pandemic advisor Tom Bossert (“This Week”), and epidemiologist Tom Inglesby (“Fox News Sunday”). Expect them all to say “Not by Easter,” with Trump’s economic guys, Kudlow and Mnuchin, pressed for counterarguments.

5. What does this mean for the Democratic primary? Joe Biden (“Meet the Press”) and Bernie Sanders (“State of the Union”) will respond.

The full line-up is at the AP.

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