Ted Cruz: On Monday, Trump’s team needs to make the affirmative case – ‘Can a President investigate corruption’?

Click on image to listen to Sen. Ted Cruz’s latest podcast.

The Trump team finally gets a chance to make their case against impeachment, Senator Ted Cruz identifies, in his daily podcast “Verdict with Ted Cruz”, the sneaky logical trick in Democrats’ arguments, and four presidential candidates are stuck in the Capitol just nine days before the Iowa caucuses.

“When the Trump’s legal team puts this case together…a lot of lawyers when they are their case, particularly when you’re responding, they spend their whole time sort of going point by point in refuting. So the other side has 10 points, let me answer the point 1 with point 1A…I actually think that’s a terrible way to argue in a court of law or in a court of public opinion” said Sen. Ted Cruz on Saturday in his podcast.

“I think the right way to do it, and I hope the President’s lawyers will do on Monday, is tell a story…Lay out an affirmative narrative. I give Adam Schiff credit. He told a story, a narrative. We need to do the same. And I hope we’re not just seating there going on tit for tat,” continued Sen. Cruz.

“We need to make the affirmative case that the President has the authority and the responsibility to investigate serious allegations of corruption. That is fundamentally an explanation.”

In answering a question of about ‘any democratic senators you believe would vote against impeachment’, Sen. Ted Cruz pointed that the most likely senator to vote against impeachment would be Sen. Joe Manchin, from West Virginia. “He was the only democrat to vote for Brett Kavanaugh. I don’t know if Joe will or not, but he is the most likely.”

Listen to the full podcast here.


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