Times Square New Years Celebration organizers adopt theme of climate change

With so much uncertainty about whether the climate will be able to sustain itself for the next decade, organizers of the annual Times Square New Years Eve Celebration are using the event this year to highlight the theme of climate change.

In a recently-released video, the group, Times Square NYC, says it’s chosen to highlight the work of climate activists at this year’s event. Notably, they’re inspired by young climate activist Greta Thunberg, who’s inspired young people across the globe to mobilize and skip school for the sake of the climate.

“In 2019, no topic seemed more talked about than climate change. It became clearer than ever that this problem needed to be solved,” said the group in a recently-released video.

“So this year, we are honoring all those who are working locally to solve the global problem, represented by: Two award-winning science teachers from NYC Public Schools and their students.”

The group will honor two New York City teachers, Jared Fox and Aida Rosenbaum, both received the Fund for the City of New York’s 11th annual Sloan Awards for Excellence in Teaching Science and Mathematics award earlier this year. They are also honoring students who participated in climate strikes inspired by Thunberg.

In previous years, the group honored United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, #MeToo founder Tarane Burke, and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to name a few.

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