Top GOP Lawmakers: ‘Release the Transcripts, Chairman Schiff!’

Dozens of top GOP lawmakers sent a letter Tuesday to House Intelligence Committee leaders, increasing the pressure on Chairman Adam Schiff to ‘release the secret Russia transcripts.” That very issue, Sara A. Carter argued in a column earlier this month is “keeping Americans in the dark.”

“In January 2017, HPSCI began an investigation into Russian active measures to influence
the 2016 Presidential election, including whether individuals associated with the presidential campaigns worked with Russia. In March 2018, after interviewing 73 individuals and reviewing over 300,000 documents, HPSCI issued a report finding that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia. According to public reports, HPSCI voted in September 2018 to release 53 transcripts,” the letter stated.

Further, the lawmakers say they believe Schiff “is blocking the release of these transcripts and if that is true, say it’s “disturbing—especially in light of Chairman Schiff’s cries in 2019 for transparency regarding allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. For almost four years, prominent Democrat politicians and commentators alleged that President Trump colluded with Russia, with Chairman Schiff going so far as to say that he had ‘direct evidence’ of collusion.”

Many sources who have spoken with Sara A. Carter, including the Committee’s Ranking Member Devin Nunes, have long blamed Schiff for blockading the release of the documents.

The testimony held tightly by Schiff includes accounts from former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, longtime Trump friend Roger Stone, as well as former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Additionally, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Perkins Coie lawyers Michael Sussman, a former DOJ lawyer who passed along alleged details about Russian interference to former FBI general counsel James Baker are included in the classified documents.

Moreover, there is Don Jr’s testimony, former White House aide Hope Hicks and Marc Elias, the chairman who was the Clinton campaign’s general counsel that hired the embattled research firm Fusion GPS to investigate the debunked theory that Trump conspired with Russia.

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