Trump and Obama Tied for most admired man of 2019

President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama are tied for 2019’s most admired man, according to Gallup poll results released Monday. Obama has held the spot twelve times, but it’s Trump’s first time, which Gallup attributed to his record job approval rating.

“Trump is more popular now than he was in the past two years, with a 45% job approval rating, among his best as president. Coincident with the rise in his job approval rating, the 18% of Americans currently naming Trump as the most admired man is also up, from 13% in 2018 and 14% in 2017,” Gallup noted.

“Increased mentions of Trump as the most admired man have come almost exclusively among his fellow Republicans — 32% of Republicans named Trump in 2018 and 35% did so in 2017.”

The open-ended poll was conducted between December 2-15. Respondents voted along partisan lines with 41 percent of Democrats voting for Obama and 45 percent of Republicans voting for Trump, according to results.

Other names were mentioned by respondents, but none surpassed 2 percent favorability. According to the poll, the top ten most popular, under Obama and Trump, were former President Jimmy Carter, businessman Elon Musk, philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Pope Francis, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, California Rep. Adam Schiff, the Dalai Lama, and investor Warren Buffett.

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