Trump Begs McConnell To Save Him In Arizona As Polls Show Dems Running Away With The State

In a private meeting with Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump reportedly freaked out about polling in Arizona that shows the state drifting toward Democrats.

Not only is the president panicking about Joe Biden’s strong numbers in the state, but he also told McConnell that he’s concerned about the Senate race, where GOP incumbent Martha McSally is falling further and further behind to Democratic challenger Mark Kelly.

More from the Politico report:

Senior political advisers to President Donald Trump warned Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Thursday that Republican Sen. Martha McSally is falling dangerously behind in the critical swing state of Arizona.

Trump’s campaign team was meeting with the president at the White House to discuss the state of play in a handful of battleground states. Toward the end of the meeting, Trump pulled McConnell, who was at the White House to meet with him on another matter, into the Roosevelt Room. The discussion turned to Arizona, where recent polling has shown Trump and McSally trailing.

Trump himself said he was concerned about McSally, according to three people familiar with the discussion. His political advisers told McConnell about recent survey numbers in Arizona and stressed she was losing to Democrat and former astronaut Mark Kelly.

McConnell appeared to stand by the senator, noting that it’s only May and the election is still a ways off, people familiar with the meeting said.

The Trump campaign has good reason to panic

The fact that Arizona is even on the list of 2020 battleground states is reason enough for the Republicans to be concerned. But the state increasingly looks like it’s drifting hard and fast toward Joe Biden and Mark Kelly.

A new poll released this week shows that Biden leads Trump by seven points in the state, 50 percent to 43 percent. Another survey released today shows Biden ahead 45 to 41.

Overall, the former vice president leads by an average of four percentage points in the state.

If Biden carries Arizona and holds the states that Hillary Clinton won in 2016, he would only need to add Michigan and Pennsylvania to his column – two states where he’s currently head – to win the Electoral College.

Arizona could be the state that makes Donald Trump a one-term president in November, and he’s absolutely freaking out about it.

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