Trump Blasts Pelosi and Her ‘Filthy Dirty District’ in Lengthy Unhinged Rant

Nancy Pelosi’s demands for a fair impeachment trial clearly have Donald Trump at his wit’s end (if he hasn’t reached it already. The impeached president went off on the Speaker of the House late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning in a pair of lengthy tantrums.

Tweeted Trump: “Why should Crazy Nancy Pelosi, just because she has a slight majority in the House, be allowed to Impeach the President of the United States? Got ZERO Republican votes, there was no crime, the call with Ukraine was perfect, with “no pressure.” She said it must be “bipartisan……& overwhelming,” but this Scam Impeachment was neither. Also, very unfair with no Due Process, proper representation, or witnesses. Now Pelosi is demanding everything the Republicans weren’t allowed to have in the House. Dems want to run majority Republican Senate. Hypocrites!”

He kept going Thursday morning:

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