Trump Comes Unglued On Fox And Claims Biden Won’t Really Be Running The Government

Trump said during an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity that if Joe Biden becomes president, he won’t really be running the government.

Trump said, “The Democrats all they do is complain. They complain, but they’ve done nothing. They do nothing, they want to defund. They want to abolish. They want to abolish police departments, and that’s what it’s going to be, and you know with Biden if you look if he ever got in, you’d be abolishing police. You could just watch because he’s not going to be running anything. People around him will.”


The guy who spends most of his time as president playing golf, watching Fox News and tweeting is claiming that if Joe Biden wins, he really won’t be running the government. Trump, who has trouble drinking water and walking down ramps, is claiming that Joe Biden won’t really be in charge of the government.

Trump is offering up deranged conspiracies because he is so deep into delusion that he has no idea that the rest of us can see him, and we know that he no grasp on the government and that he is a barely functional human being.

Trump is pulling from the same playbook that he used on Hillary Clinton, but it is not working this time, because everyone in America can see the failings of Donald Trump.

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