Trump: Pelosi Now Caught in ‘Quid Pro Quo’ of Her Own


For House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, much of the past year has been spent pushing a whirlwind of accusations against President Donald Trump, chiefly the executive’s alleged quid pro quo with Ukraine.

Now that the Democrats’ push to impeach Trump has backfired, it looks like their leader in the House may have her own brush with a quid pro quo accusation.

Trump targeted Pelosi Friday over her refusal to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

“Nancy Pelosi is looking for a Quid Pro Quo with the Senate,” the president wrote on Twitter. “Why aren’t we Impeaching her?”

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Although it’s hard to tell if Trump is serious or simply goading the Democrats into a reaction, it appears his reasoning could be Pelosi’s desire to control the Senate from her spot in the House.

Pelosi maintains that she is holding onto the articles until the Senate can guarantee a “fair” trial, but the real reason appears to be the death sentence Trump’s impeachment faces in the Senate.

Senate Majority Mitch McConnell has mocked Pelosi and her “shoddy” impeachment work, signaling that it would be exposed for the scam it is during a Senate trial.

Will impeachment backfire even worse for Democrats?

Although Pelosi’s concern is seemingly a fair shake, it appears Trump has received anything but that from the House.

Despite the shaky grounds on which the entire impeachment inquiry was founded, Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media went ahead with the narrative that Trump is a corrupt ruler. Some even claimed that the president aspires to become a king.

To kick off their impeachment sham, the first thing Democrats did was hobble opposition.

A set of rules voted in by the Democratic-majority House gave Rep. Adam Schiff sweeping powers during his part in the process. He was able to pick and choose witnesses, effectively silencing Republicans.

What followed was a string of witnesses, most without any firsthand or personal knowledge of the phone call with Ukraine at the center of the impeachment question, that only proved how desperate Democrats are to oust Trump.

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Later witnesses would even go after President Trump’s family, much to Democrats’ amusement.

Even with a twisted set of rules, Democrats missed their goal of bipartisan impeachment by a country mile. Those leading the impeachment inquiry were not even able to convince all representatives in their own party to vote for it.

Democrats’ attempt to get rid of Trump has backfired in an ugly fashion. Now, it appears that not even Pelosi’s own “quid pro quo” can save it.

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