Trump tweeted 54 times before noon today

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham just appeared on Fox News and stuck to the same White House lines on the possibility of having witnesses at trial. 

Grisham repeated that President Trump “would love” for witnesses to be called but quickly added: “Also you have to think about executive privilege… This President is actually trying to protect future presidents against this kind of abuse.” 

She criticized Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who has repeatedly demanded witnesses, including at a news conference just moments ago. (You can read more on that in the post below this one.)

“It’s not the Senate’s job to clean up after what the House did,” she said.

Some context: Many Republicans have argued that the House, which conducted the impeachment investigation, should have subpoenaed more witnesses before turning the articles of impeachment over to the House. House Democrats argue that with lengthy court battles over subpoenas, the process would have been drawn out until the 2020 election.

Grisham said she “hopes” the trial is over by next Friday. She wouldn’t get into the preparations the Trump legal team has made for their opening argument, but said, “They are very well prepared, and they have a very strong case.” 

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