Twenty Things that Caught My Eye Today: Courage, Forgiveness & More (June 4, 2020)

1. Diverse religious groups, 76 Members of Congress and 16 States support foster families at the High Court

2. WSJ: Child-Abuse Reports Are Falling, and That’s Bad News for Children


4. Mississippi pastor: My Church was burned down because we want to worship in person:

On Easter Sunday, police officers with the city of Holly Springs interrupted our service and issued me a citation for violating an unconstitutional stay at home order. Ten days later, our peaceful Bible study was shut down although we were following all social distancing guidelines. But the nightmare wasn’t over. Last Wednesday, someone burned down our church, leaving only a smoldering mass of debris and our dreams. They left graffiti, trying to shame us for worshiping together in our church.

5. Sohrab Ahmari: Worse than war: My night besieged by looters and thugs in NYC

6. Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide Remains Dangerous, Targets the Vulnerable:

Anita Cameron, Director of Minority Outreach for Not Dead Yet, said “I am utterly disgusted that as COVID-19 ravages the Black community due to the results of racial disparities in healthcare, the Public Health Committee has decided to try to slip this bill through. COVID-19 has disproportionately affected the Black community; we are dying at frightening rates. This bill promotes death over life, and by pushing it, the legislature is sending a clear message to us Blacks that we are burdens and should die by suicide.”

7. Crux: Syrian archbishop says he can still find happiness, despite destruction

8. WSJ: Save Your Kids From Covid’s Digital Deluge

9. How one Catholic priest responded to the ’92 LA riots

10. Crux: London archbishop says opening churches a matter of ‘basic equality’:

For Catholics, access to church buildings is spiritually essential, something recognized by other governments internationally. Respectfully, I believe that it is now time for churches to be allowed to open for individual visits for private prayer

— Archbishop John Wilson of Southwark, in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson

11. Charlie Camosy talks to Shannon Bream about our throwaway society

12. In northern Iraq, hope that the pandemic will boost spirit of love

13. Lyman Stone: The Rise of Childless America

14. The Dispatch: Ben’s Chili Bowl Founder on Civil Unrest— in 1968 and Today:

When I see what’s going on today—and I so appreciate those demonstrators and those protesters that do that peacefully—but I get very upset with the agitators that create the problems and cause the violence and the looting and all of that,” she said with force. “We definitely should not destroy our communities and our neighborhoods. For me, that’s just not the way to go.”

15. Can incense at church help in Coronavirus times?

16. Wall Street Journal: Last Person to Receive Civil War-Era Pension Dies

17. Amid coronavirus, new parents face scary choices. Expanded family leave could ease fears.

18. Karen MacPherson: How to encourage teenagers— especially boys— to read this summer

19. How Shakespeare Paperbacks Made Me Want to Be a Writer



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