VP Mike Pence: Americans Need To ‘Act Now’ On The 15 Day Coronavirus Guidelines

Vice President Mike Pence told Fox News host Sean Hannity Wednesday night that the 15 day guidelines issued by the White House are part of an integral effort by medical experts and the coronavirus task force to limit the reach of the virus in the coming weeks and months.

The Vice President emphasized that following the guidelines would not only prevent a situation where the health care system would be overwhelmed but one in which American lives would be saved.

“What the President unveiled yesterday and what we’re pleased to learn is being embraced by states and communities and millions of American families are what we believe is important for every American to do over the next two weeks to significantly impact the spread of the coronavirus in the weeks and months ahead,” Pence said.

He noted that medical experts “advised the President as he endorsed these guidelines — to avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people; to — if you’re sick, stay home; if there’s someone in your home contracts the coronavirus, that everyone should stay home.  All of those recommendations are part and parcel of an effort by our experts, endorsed by the President to limit the reach of the coronavirus over the coming weeks and months.”

More importantly, if individual Americans and businesses stick to the guidelines, the spread of the coronavirus will be significantly limited and “ultimately save lives.” Pence stated that President Donald Trump’s approach to tackling the virus is a “whole-of-government approach.”  Along with the approach, Pence noted that the administration “met with industry leaders to make sure that businesses around the country are working with us to meet those supply needs” including the Department of Defense.

He also noted that the administration has made it a priority to ensure that healthcare providers  “have the masks, have the gloves, have the protective gear to be able to do the testing that is now much more widely available, literally, by the hour, because of the public-private partnership that President Trump forged and announced last week.”

“We need every American, every American business to step forward and recognize that if we act now — if we act now, we can limit the spread of the coronavirus significantly and ultimately save lives,” he said.

Those most vulnerable are persons with underlying medical conditions and the elderly. Any exposure by those with weakened immune systems to those carrying the coronavirus could be deadly. This is the reason the government and medical professionals have asked that family members limit or discontinue contact with their elderly family members or those who are sick.

Pence also emphasized that anyone with questions regarding the virus visit the new government website Coronavirus.gov. 

“We know that thousands of Americans will be exposed to the coronavirus in the weeks and months ahead. Thousands already have,” Pence told Hannity. “But we really believe, if every American will go to Coronavirus.gov and that they’ll embrace these 15 days to slow the spread, that we can significantly impact the spread of this virus today.”

He stressed that what’s most important for Americans to understand is that “most Americans who contract the coronavirus, they will either have mild symptoms or flu-like symptoms and they’ll fully recover.”

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