Warrants issued in Rayshard Brooks’ case


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the Republican police reform plan is inadequate.

“We don’t need a study about chokeholds. We don’t need a study about no-knock warrants… We know what we need to do,” Pelosi told CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

“We don’t need a window dressing toothless bill, we need to take action that is real,” she said.

There are key differences between the legislative proposals from Republicans and Democrats.

The GOP plan has a major emphasis on incentivizing states to take action and does not include an outright ban on chokeholds.

Sen. Tim Scott, the main architect behind the Republican proposal, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he doesn’t believe “the federal government can’t really get into the position where we’re telling each local law enforcement department what they can and cannot do.”

The Democratic plan, in contrast, has a heavy emphasis on setting national standards, such as mandates for federal uniformed officers to wear body cameras and banning chokeholds.

“As mentioned in our legislation, we have strong provisions that ban chokeholds, that ban racial profiling, ban no-knock warrants, that have real data collection that is accessible and is transparent from one department to the next,” Pelosi said.

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