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Our first episode of 2019 opened the year with a question: “What will Democrats do with their new power?” One of our last offered an answer: impeach the president.

The weeks in between were filled with sounds both familiar and foreign. The year began with the same fights as in 2018, including a federal furlough that stretched into the longest government shutdown in history. And cities across America again heard the sound of gunfire: There have been more mass shootings in 2019 in the country than there are days in the year.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll revisit some of our favorite episodes of the year and check in on what has happened since the stories ran. We’ll be off for the Christmas and New Year holidays, and will be back with a new episode on Friday, Jan. 3.

Tune in, and tell us what you think. Email us at Follow Michael Barbaro on Twitter: @mikiebarb. And if you’re interested in advertising with “The Daily,” write to us at

Our 2019 “Year in Sound” was produced by Clare Toeniskoetter and edited by Wendy Dorr.

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