Zelensky Acted Like Trump Duct-Taped Daughter in Basement

The likening of President Donald Trump to the seedy, often one-dimensional, mob figures that littered American cinema before the turn of the century has been commonplace among House Democrats since long before the start of their fast-moving impeachment inquiry.

But Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia took things a step further Thursday, suggesting during a House Judiciary Committee hearing that Trump’s behavior with foreign leaders is akin to that of a low-life kidnapper seeking ransom.

According to Johnson, watching Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tell reporters he had not been pressured by the Trump administration to investigate the Bidens during a September meeting with Trump at the United Nations in New York was like watching a man negotiate while being blackmailed with the life of a family member.

“Big, 6-foot-4 President Trump, 5-foot-11 President Zelensky,” Johnson said, setting the scene. “They’re standing there, and President Trump is holding court, and he says, ‘Oh, by the way, no pressure.’”

“And you saw President Zelensky shaking his head as if his daughter was downstairs in the basement, duct-taped,” the representative said.

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According to Johnson, even a discrepancy in the size of the chairs present at the meeting was indicative of Trump’s supposed attempt to strong-arm the newly elected Ukrainian president.

Of course, judging from photos of the exchange, there was absolutely no difference between the size of Trump and Zelensky’s chairs.

Do you think the Democrats have come entirely unhinged during these impeachment proceedings?

But these ramblings are par for the course with Johnson — a man all too familiar with embellishment and lunacy, and entirely unconcerned with the reality of things.

For goodness sake, this is the same man who in 2010, while seated on the House Armed Services Committee, asked Navy Admiral Robert Willard if he was concerned the stationing of 8,000 more Marines at the U.S. military installation in Guam would make the island “so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,” according to CBS News.

Johnson has since been re-elected five times — in case you were curious just how foolish some of your elected officials really are.

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And if Johnson’s Thursday statement doesn’t have you entirely convinced it isn’t just the left’s cultural elites but the very core of the Democratic Party that has come unhinged since Trump took office, nothing will.

We have seen, over the course of a constitutional process that should rightly mirror a criminal investigation, and eventually a trial, leaders so transparent in their hatred of this president that they are willing to manufacture new impeachable offenses and incriminating statements from Trump out of thin air.

There will not be a single fiber of legitimacy left in the key institutional process that is impeachment when this circus packs up and leaves town.

If statements like these are any indicator, the political class has begun to irreverently view this process as no more than another divisive and meaningless weapon for use in partisan warfare.

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